Democrat Profile Questions and Answers

> I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher. I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa but I have lived in North Carolina for 13 years. I have always had very liberal views but I didn’t become politically active until 2004, as a result of George W. Bush and the Republican assault on education. I was also upset by the Republican evangelicals who aligned themselves with the idea of “family values” while supporting policies that hurt families.

My most memorable election year was 2004 because I was really passionate about getting a Democrat elected President. My most memorable candidate would be my husband, Jason Torian, who ran for County Commissioner in 2014. I knew that he stood for the same things I did and I felt that he was the smartest most capable candidate. The taste of victory when he made it through the primary was very exciting.

> Being a teacher, obviously education is an issue at the forefront for me. I am worried about the state that we are in and the cuts that continue. Locally, I worry that the recycling rate is at only 5%. I would like to see the community become aware and concerned about the environment. Then we won’t have to worry about landfill expansion. I am concerned about voting rights issues in North Carolina. I am aware that, as a woman, my right to vote came much later than others. Although I do not forsee having any difficulty voting in 2016, I feel obligated to fight for the rights of those who will. Apathy will get us nowhere.